About Us (Me)


Can I be honest for a moment?

I was one of those guys who HATED social media. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why someone would want to tweet to the world things like “Good Morning Twitter!” or “I am going outside to walk my dog!”.

I thought, these must be a LOT of people who have no life, while I am here working 12+ hours / day.

Slowly I saw Social Media gain ground and so I started to research what Social Media Marketing was all about.

Then one day (I can still remember where I was) while setting in my office chair, the light bulb hit me so hard I almost feel out of my seat.

Social Media is about conversation . . . it seemed so simple, but that is why people tweet about walking their dog.

Truth is Social Media Marketing has been going on since the 1950’s when mom’s would get together to have a Tupperware party. They would set around in a living room and talk about how this product would benefit their lives.

Now the same thing happens on sites like Facebook and Twitter instead of the living room.

Conversations still take place and that’s why Social Media Marketing is not only here to stay, but it’s helping drive communication at a rapid pace.

So back to me (Michael Smith) since this is an “About Us Page” after all.

The next epiphany for me (in Social Media) was the day I read that Social Media ad spending was expected to rise to $9.8 billion by 2016 and the light bulb went off again!
(Here is the Article From Bloomberg Business Week)

I started to dream and think about Social Media every day and that’s when I created a cool ad network called SociBuzz.com that leverages Social Media traffic.

Once I started interacting with publishers and advertisers I realized that only about 1% of individuals and organizations really understand Social Media Marketing and since I am a fast learner, serial entrepreneur, and start up enthusiast – I knew what my next project would be.


That’s when UpFans.com was born!

I wanted to create an effective and affordable Social Media Management service that could help businesses of all sizes promote their brand or business with more efficiency.
Now UpFans.com is already helping clients build a better traffic base using Facebook as the “home base” for Social Media Marketing by creating and engaging in conversations online on behalf of our clients.

This is an addition to some really cool Facebook Fan page apps coming down the pipe line!

Please feel free to connect with me; I love to have conversations about Social Media and Startups!

All the best!