Custom Fan Pages Tabs

One of the BEST ways to start attracting new fans and engage with your Fan page visitors is to offer them a custom Facebook Tab. A Tab allows you to offer your users any kind of original content that will further promote your brand or business.

Tab functionality can range WILDLY and is really only limited by the customers desires and goals.

All of the below are options when you become a client of To get started choose a package from our Social Media Management packages.

Below is a list of possible custom Tabs that you can choose from:

Squeeze Pages (Our Favorite)

Squeeze pages help build your email list and email list are powerful! And if you are not building an email list then you are missing opportunities every single day. Nothing will help your business grow like a double opt in email list because these are the same individuals who raise their hand and say “Yes, I want you to sell to me!”

Welcome Pages

How about a nice welcome page to give your Facebook Fans an instant message such as your company’s mission statement or an invitation into your store.

Newsletter Sign-Up Form

Let us add a registration form that allows you to collect information from your Fans such as their name and email. We can also integrate with 3rd party services such as Aweber or Mail Chimp.

Hot Deal or Coupon

This works great for local business. You can offer a 10% off that force the user to “Like” your page in order to unlock the content. Alternatively you can simply offer them a HOT deal that is only advertised on Facebook (this can help you check engagement). Channel or Video Page

Social Video Marketing is HOT, by adding videos to your custom Tab you are giving your audience a reason to keep coming back again and again. Need help producing videos? Make sure to check our Add-on page.

Photo Gallery

Show off your photo album (perhaps of your store or employees), this is a great way to make your fan base feel “close” to your cause. Ask questions like “What is your best caption for this photo?” to help drive engagement and conversation.

Twitter Feed

Integrate your Twitter Feed directly to your Facebook Fan page. This is handy for twitter users who like the micro conversation feel to Social Media.

Contest & Sweepstakes

Want to get people excited? Offer a free iPad and set up a path for your users to enter into in order to qualify.

Such as:

* Join Newsletter > Then Like Fan Page > Then Fan is Entered Into Contest

Location (Directions) / Detailed Contact

Add enhanced contact information and make sure your fan base knows EXACTLY where you are located and how to reach you. Never leave your fans wondering how best to contact you. Get your phone ringing!

Survey & Polls

Want to know what is on your fans or customers mind? You would be surprised at how willing they are to tell you how you are doing. Ask questions like “What is your favorite restaurant” and see how you rank against your competitors (Assuming you run a restaurant, but you get the idea).