Social Media Continues to Blow My Mind


It’s like each week, there is something new that I have to scramble around and figure out. Often times I have to set back and ask myself “what is going on with this?” and I must admit I don’t always figure it out. Take …

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How To Prevent Social Media Burnout


Typically, people become burnt out with their job, burnt out with their partner, burnt out with picking up trash out of the yard courtesy of the neighbors dog, etc… Believe it or not, you can actually become burnt out with …

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Want to Know What the “Bang With Friends” App Creators Have to Say About Their Controversial App?


Do you have some friends on Facebook that you wouldn’t mind engaging in a “poke”-fest with? If so, you have probably tried to leave them little hints all around Facebook. You’ve probably “liked” every single one of their posts or …

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The Onion CEO Apologizes For Tweet About Quvenzhane Wallis


If you follow The Onion on Twitter and you were on the popular social networking website around 8:42PST last night, you may have seen what has become a very popular tweet. However, you didn’t have long to catch the famous …

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Facebook Makes a Funeral For an Unknown Man Go Viral


Facebook isn’t just for seeing a bunch of pictures of your friends getting drunk and nerds posting up cat pictures anymore. Believe it or not, you may find that Facebook can inspire great things to happen from time-to-time.  James McConnell …

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Anonymous Twitter Account Hacked!


Apparently, Anonymous doesn’t hold the top position for being the most elite nerds hackers anymore! While we whole heartily support the Anonymous cause, we are left wondering who is behind this new wave of corporate upheaval and ranking sweeping Twitter. Why??? Because Twitter hackers …

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Why You Should Get Off Your Butt and Start Building Your Social Media Presence — Even If You’re Starting at Ground Zero

Charles Manson

Of course it’s not going to be fun when it comes to building your social media presence and you’re starting from the ground up. It’s not fun to wipe your arse every single day, either, but you have to do …

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Want To Get Twittterific Results With Your Advertising Campaign — Twitter Advertising Options Coming Soon


Twitter is Working Towards Opening Their Doors For Advertisers Twitter made an announcement on Wednesday (2/20/2013) that they are going to start opening up their platform to 3rd-party advertising tools, in an attempt to get one step closer to allowing …

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Twitter Bummer – Tweeting Out Your Links Just Got a Little Bit Harder

Short N Tweet

Do you find it hard to include your URL in tweets due to length? I think we’ve all been in this situation before: We have 140 characters to write out this “sweet bit of text” that we pray get’s some …

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Twitter Marketing – how valuable is it?


Twitter is up on its feet in the world of marketing and tweets are the latest tools to keep the planet and its inhabitants connected. This is not news obviously but what can be a matter of concern for most …

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