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DON’T let a NOVICE represent your brand or business when it comes to Social Media! is the home of Fanatical Social Promotion ® and we represent your business with pride in everything we do. Check out our packages today!

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Social Signals


Social Signals boost your social proof in the eyes of Google and other ranking algorithms that incorporate social elements for ranking purposes. Social Signals helps your SEO campaign and also generates massive traffic to your brand and business.

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Social SEO


Our Social SEO campaigns have proven VERY effective in ranking clients websites better than traditional SEO services. Rank your brand or business on the front page of Google while engaging in a high impact social media marketing campaign.

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Social Xtreme combines the MOST into these explosive packages that include Social SEO, Social Signals, and Social Media Engagement all rolled into a service that makes our rivals squirm! The bottom line is that if you are serious about Social Media Marketing you need everything in these packages!

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Since the advent of Social Media Marketing businesses cannot connect directly with both potential and existing customers like never before! Regardless of your Social Media goals, can tailor a campaign to fit your needs. This includes a blended customer service and sales approach or simply ensuring that your user base has engaging content.

Results oriented social media promotion

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We know what you are looking for – Results! That is why we spend a great deal of time getting to know you and your business. We want to understand what the exact goal or conversion you reaching for with social media marketing. Is it an email registration form – perhaps getting clients to visit your local shop? Whatever the “goal” is, that is what will work towards!


Methods You Can Trust

Some “Social Media Marketing” companies rely on tricky or spammy tactics to promote via Social Media; while our tactic is rather simple (yet effective) – we talk to people. We ask them what they are looking for . . .and we offer them your brand or business as the solution. Social Media Marketing is about reaching your potential clients and customers with a specific message. can helps deliver that message with affordability and ease.

Keep Customers Coming Back Learn the secrets to retaining customers

Create Social EngagementGet engaged users to your business


Why Are Social Signals Important?

On Dec. 1st of 2010 Danny Sullivan wrote about the importance of “Social Signals” for effective search engine ranking. Back then, SEO gurus were scrambling to better understand how the Google algorithm was changing. Danny nailed it when he wrote:

Danny Sullivan Co-founder of Search Engine Land

retweets serve as a new form of link building. Get your page mentioned in tweets by authoritative people, and that can help your ranking in regular search results,. .


Social Signals by . . . Extraordinary!

Real Signal

Fake signals don’t work; you need real user engagement for social signals to count towards your ranking. Behind the talk, we walk the walk. With you won’t have to worry about an imitated social engagement.

Effective Results

Goals are defined by the individual business. Perhaps you want more people gracing the door of your local business or perhaps your goal is an opt-in form with a free give-a-way. Regardless of the end game, services will work for you.

Growing Your Business

Let’s Face it, social media is not going anywhere any time soon. With that said, give your business the opportunity to be heard across the top social media sites. Gain Tweets, Retweet’s, Facebook Likes, and Shares with Social Signals by


What is Social SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the methodology for achieving higher ranks for your website in the major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Social Marketing is then blended with traditional SEO to create a Social SEO powerhouse.

Weather you realize it or not, the major search engines are using social proofing to decide which website will rank for a specific keyword.

This is crucial because when internet users search for your products, services, business who will they find?


Social SEO Guarantee

One of the many things that makes truly unique is that we tell you EXACTLY what we are doing for your SEO campaign. Each month we will report to you every single activity that took place for your SEO campaign. Does your current SEO provider do this?


With Social SEO You Can Finally Get The Results Your Deserve!
Learn more about our Social SEO camapgins and let us be apart of your success!

The Social SEO Strategy

When you choose to work with for your Social SEO campaign you will be treated like royalty. Each campaign comes with the following.

  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building
  • Onsite Optimization
  • Content Development
  • Services
  • Advanced Reporting
  • +And More!

Content Development That Works

The best way to drive SEO is through engaging content that is well written. The SEO copywriters constantly produce both professional and quality content. This content is then syndicated to your Social Media profiles allowing your customer base to engage with powerful content. Both Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing require a strong commitment to content and with you will get the best!

Social SEO is Evolving Rapidly

Since sites like Twitter and Facebook continue to rely updates at a break neck pace, we stay ahead of the curve so you can do what you do best. Blending these Social sites into a proper SEO campaign takes finesse to both drive user engagement and promote the right kind of content that will rank better in the major search engines. Rest assured will be here to help present you in the best possible light to your clients and community. Experts in Social Media Marketing and SEO

You cannot be effective in Social Media without embracing your new role as a publisher. Let help you be a publishing rock star!

Connect with your users where they spend their time. Did you know that users spend an average of 6.9 hours / month on social networking?

Connect with your users where they spend their time. Did you know that users spend an average of 6.9 hours / month on social networking?


More than just Social Media Managers! does WAY more than just manage your social media profiles for you. We also help build your email list using a special blend of squeeze pages and custom facebook tabs.

This is easy since we have developed our own custom Facebook Apps so we never have to go to third party’s to outsource your work.

Did you know that the average Facebook Fan page has only 4,596 Fans? How does your page stack up? If you are not where you want to be – then let help you get there!